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Health Insurance For Uninsured Children

Posted by Sarah Sweetz Akhza at 9:45 PM
Health Insurance For Uninsured Children

Think back to when you were a kid. How many times did you injure yourself playing outside with your friends or playing sports in school? Kids are usually more active than adults providing themselves more opportunities for injury and are also much less concerned and cautious of being injured. When those injuries occur, where do you turn to get your kids the health care that they need? Hopefully, you have health insurance to help finance the costs.

If you don't have health insurance for your child and he or she becomes injured, you'll have to pay out of your pocket for the medical bills or your child will have to go without care. Neither of these options sounds desirable. If your child requires surgery it could cost tens of thousands of dollars to pay the medical bills. An emergency room visit alone would cost thousands of dollars. You can't force your child to go without the care that is needed and you likely can't afford thousands of dollars in medical bills.

Purchasing a health insurance plan could eliminate this dreaded situation.

Very few parents dispute the value of health insurance and the importance of owning a plan for their children. This is most often not the reason for not purchasing a plan. The reason is usually that the parent doesn't feel like they can afford it. While money might be tight, this is not something that should be put off for later or set aside as something that is not necessary.

If you want health insurance for your child, do some research to see what options are available. You might find something that is affordable and a good fit for your family. There are also state-funded programs that are available to children who are uninsured. While this won't provide you, the parent, with health insurance, it will give your child protection and you some sense of mind. This is a great option for parents who just can't find the money to get health insurance but care about their children and realize the importance of protecting their health with an insurance plan.

There are also options provided by school athletic departments that will protect your child while playing sports. Since most schools require student athletes to have health insurance, this is a relatively cheap way of protecting your child and satisfying the school's requirements to play. These plans usually cost less than 50 bucks.

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