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Parents Health to Healthy Children

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Parents Health to Healthy Children

The health of our children we care before they are born! What is the health status of mothers in the state will be a healthy baby. Fetus through the placenta from mothers receiving only water, as well as nutrients, oxygen, hormones, antibodies, but unfortunately, harmful substances such as alcohol, drugs, heavy metals, bacteria, fungi, viruses, etc. When the mother eats incorrectly, creates you in your gut symbiosis and to the fact that there incorrect micro flora.

This significantly weakens the protective intestinal barrier, penetrates into the lymphatic system around the gut, gets into the bloodstream, where pregnant women to placental circulation and then spreads easily and the body of a child. This process is seen in his office very often. Comes with a sick mother and her infant surprise I measure DFM chart on it and then have the opportunity to demonstrate what is happening in her body.

90% find it at more or less symbiosis and intestinal symptoms, which has her child, generally in line with the status of the mother. Whether it's eczema, improper digestion or repeated respiratory infections. It is commendable that the mother is breastfeeding, but it has another side: What is the child's body in this way they do? So not only up breastfeeding, but also in the right internal environment of the mother.

8 years to deal with the idea - to heal before the baby is born, even before it is conceived! The surgery comes a married couple; one of them must be suffering from atopic eczema or other allergies and are concerned whether their child will also have an allergy. We measure both DFM and graph we see now, what are the conditions in their bodies for the onset of the disease. Of course, with allergy hereditary dyspozicí to do nothing, but right from the start, we can eliminate the so-called trigger factors (trigger factors). The aim of such examinations DFM is the time to show the need to change diet, avoid stress, promoting detoxification through the liver, kidney, intestine in a symbiosis.

I often encounter an interesting phenomenon. The surgery comes two partners, with the majority that a woman has a problem, afraid to go after several examinations, he does not worry that her child was born healthy. When we measure the graphs of both partners, we find that far worse is the man! All what I said above, also applies to him. He does not have allergic symptoms, but according to the chart are present in his body all the conditions for the emergence of allergies.

In our little book Holistic medicine I mention this example:

Mother - Allergic food during pregnancy large quantities of chocolate. Its fully breastfed baby suffered from 3 to 6 weeks of age, diarrhea, and atopic eczema appeared. Diarrhea ceased, and eczema had improved after the elimination of chocolates from the mother's diet. In violation of the maternal diet in children with eczema reappeared. Laboratory tests proved positive for the chocolate to the infant, who never got chocolate.


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