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The Architecture Of Children?s Rooms

Posted by Sarah Sweetz Akhza at 4:03 AM
The Architecture Of Children?s Rooms

According to vaastu everything should be kept in such a way in a child’s room that it brings in positive influences or positive vibes. This type of environment results in creative thinking and good health. It also becomes one of their favorite rooms where they love to spend most of their time. A child can grow and lead a happy and prosperous life in such an environment. The children’s room should be located in the direction of the west according to vastu shastra. The location of the bed should be in south-west direction and the head should face the south or east direction.

The door of the children’s room should be in the east or the north. It is true that color has a great impact on the mood and every aspect of life. The color green is highly recommended for children as it gives freshness, peace and increases the brain power.

TV and the computer are not required in the children’s room but if necessary then the TV should be placed in the east corner and the computer in the direction of the north. Never use sharp lights and spot lights in a child’s room because it creates mental strain.

In the present era, designing a child’s bedroom is very challenging especially with the speed with which the children grow. The best way to decorate a child’s room is to decorate it with a theme or color scheme. You should also keep in mind whether you are decorating a boy’s room or a girl’s room prior to the birth of your baby. Colors, shapes, textures and patterns are associated with different moods and emotions. Certain colors can calm us while others stimulate up in the right frame of attitude and mindset. A place where we spend lot of time in thinking and decision making requires a cognitive environment. The accessories for the room should support positive memories and also magnetize us towards home.

This is not applicable in child cases but adults are also affected by the surrounding. The children are affected by the environment so we should be careful while designing a room for the kids. The children should also given enough space in the room so that they can move freely. Safety should be of primary concern while selecting the items for a child's room. You should keep electrical cords out of the way, use non-skid pads under decorative area rugs, and avoid stacking storage units too high. Designing the children’s rooms requires creativity and innovation because there are so many things which should be taken care of such as comfort, functionality and the optimal use of space.

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