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Pediatric Dentistry and Children

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Pediatric Dentistry and Children

Babies and children have specialized health care needs. In order for young children to develop well mentally and physically, special health care providers such as pediatricians and pediatric dentists need to monitor a child's development. Infants and children are not immune to oral health ailments. A recent report from the Surgeon General stated that dental caries is the most chronic childhood ailment in America. Dental caries are five times more common than asthma and seven times more common than hay fever. Indeed, tooth decay is a serious disease that affects children aged 5 to 17.


What children eat can seriously affect the state of their teeth: sugar (found in cookies, cereal, candy, juice, and milk) as well as starch (found in pretzels and potato chips) can cause tooth decay. Moreover, it is more difficult to clean the teeth of very young children.

This means that more bacteria is left inside their mouths, which ultimately leads to tooth decay.


Both the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and the American Dental Association recommend that children have their first dental examination in early infancy (around 12-15 months). Early dental check-ups will lessen the chances of dental problems developing later on as an efficient pediatric dentist can begin a system of preventive dentistry that will help children reach their maximum oral health potential.


Although deciduous teeth are eventually replaced with permanent teeth, healthy teeth are fundamental to a child's overall health and development. Good pediatric dentists understand how intimidating a dental visit can be for young children, so they will strive to provide all the comfort and support that is needed to make visits to the dentistry atlanta ga practitioner less stressful for children.


Many pediatric dentists strive to make their dentistry atlanta ga clinics appear lively and appealing to children, with brightly colored interiors and playrooms. While inside the office, children will be allowed to listen to music and watch cartoons on overhead televisions. If necessary, oral sedation that is appropriate to the child's age is provided with consent from parents.


From the first visit onwards, pediatric dentistry atlanta ga practitioners will monitor the development of a child's teeth. X-rays and regular cleanings will also be performed to thoroughly remove plaque, tartar, and oral bacteria which cause tooth decay. In addition, dental sealants will be applied which protect teeth from decay as soon as baby teeth erupt.






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