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Leisure and Luxury at Langkawi

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Leisure and Luxury at Langkawi

Langkawi has 99 islands when the tide is up, then the tide recedes to reveal five more of the most fascinating atolls. Most of the islands are uninhabited and a popular activity for many people is to pick an island and spend a day in the lovely idyllic beaches. Explore the island, having a picnic or pretending to dig up treasures hidden by the legendary pirates, without any human intrusions. You can welcome plenty of wildlife though with monitor lizards and bright jewel colored birds popping in to say hello. Lie back and watch the majestic eagles riding the air currents in the clear blue sky. Alone or with company of your choice, this is a splendid way to have a day off.

Langkawi lives up to all its clich├ęs - beautiful turquoise seas dotted with islands of emerald green and limestone outcrops standing guard over the magnificence. It also has bright green paddy fields and some lush jungles.

Time stands still and loses all meaning in this tropical paradise.

If you want to get away from the bounties of Nature, enjoy a dizzying cable car ride! This ride is in two parts, takes you up the steep side to Gunung Mat Cincang, the highest point on the island. There are spectacular views and on a day when visibility is good, you can have a bird's eye view of Thailand. At the bottom is Oriental village where you can buy souvenirs and handicrafts.

Langkawi hotels accommodation consists mostly of lovely resorts near the beaches. There are smaller and cheaper hotels in the business centre - Kuah and around the vibrant and active Pentai Cenang beach. Book your accommodation through and get yourself a great deal with up to 75 percent discounts.


Langkawi is a child's paradise with naturally fun beach activities such as building sandcastles, chasing mud crabs, counting the eagles or attempting to tickle a fish out of water. Keep an eye out and you might spot a dolphin or two in the distance. These gorgeous friendly creatures abound in the Andaman Islands.

Langkawi boasts of some excellent hotels so foodies can gorge themselves on delicious meals especially seafood. Massages are offered by both the resorts and individual masseurs so be sure and indulge yourself in a long decadent massage. Before leaving, take advantage of its duty free status and do some shopping. Offers Brilliant and Beautiful Hotels in Langkawi


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