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Road Leopard Shoes Monopoly Built Museum And Children's Health - Shoes, Shoes, Health - Footwear

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Road Leopard Shoes Monopoly Built Museum And Children's Health - Shoes, Shoes, Health - Footwear
HC shoe net January 11 hearing "Every Road leopard shoes store, the future will be a children's health museum and." Road Leopard Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. Vice Chairman Zhang Feng Yuan told reporters before the road will soon roll out a national brand leopard monopoly system, the terminal stores in the introduction of the "Health Experience" Marketing Mode, so that more parents to their children understand and feel the way personal health products Panther series brought human care.

According to reports, the first road experience Leopard Child Health Center will meet in the quarter and consumers. By then, the road will be open between leopard shoes "of the health experience of" new marketing model, to create a model market focus, and take this opportunity to lead rapidly to become the new region, led road Leopard "healthy" rise of the brand overall.

Marketing experience to do the terminal stores
Experiential marketing has long been many well-known brand of adult shoes Break, they play the cultural card, health card, seemingly out of the nature of shoes, in fact, by brand moves to guide the new concept of consumer value-added experience.

"That being the case, the monopoly system upgrade at the beginning of Jinjiang shoes may wish to try to experience the scene and atmosphere to create a brand personality on display platform, but also more consumer eyeballs, communicating the brand idea." Way Leopard Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. Vice Chairman Zhang Feng Yuan's mind Flaring such an idea.

"Has been on the road to their brand positioning Leopard is the children's shoe brand in the industry's health, I think, in branding the same time, use store platform for 'health' this mark in the minds of consumers even more profound some. "Zhang Feng Yuan is recognized the role of experiential marketing.

In addition, children's shoes industry homogeneity is a serious road leopard important reasons for differences in marketing, to many in the pie children's products market in a new land, win opportunities, we can not solely committed to the product itself. Taking into account consumer demand is diversified, the market needs more business owners reveal their "secret weapon", especially in the terminal marketing.

Complementary hardware and software "First of all, we will store, the introduction of a foot foot measurement for children's equipment, shoes for each child before the election can measure your foot first, under the feet of the real choice for their own shoes . "Zhang Feng Yuan will soon roll out such a plan their national monopoly system.

This spring, along with the way Leopard 500 Experience Museum of landing Child Health flower, the health store experience through the terminal, road leopard shoes "healthy" label will be accepted by the people for the future upgrade from product differentiation brand differentiation made full preparations.

Zhang Feng Yuan said that in addition to measuring instruments by placing foot hardware, value-added content of the experience of the health area, the terminal stores in the health field will be set up, add some children's health books, as well as road leopard own children's book "China Children's Health Guide, "is to the health of children through a number of soft cultural atmosphere to the health of the terminal stores mobilized.


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