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Sampson Phelps Retail & Leisure Travel

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Sampson Phelps Retail & Leisure Travel
Relaxation guaranteed. Where the Retail and Leisure Travel division is concerned, that is our motto, our commitment, our mission. Are you planning a holiday? Look no further. Whatever your travel requirements, at Sampson Phelps we pride ourselves on our ability to provide to you the widest range of travel options. We appreciate this is a fast-paced world we live in today and a retreat once in a while is an absolute must and at Sampson Phelps, we aim to make the experience as enjoyable as is humanly possible. At Sampson Phelps, you can benefit from our industry relationships and high standards of service whether you book online, over the telephone or visit one of our multiple retail outlets. Sampson Phelps is equipped with a team of experienced sales consultants made at your disposal to provide to you options to suit your budget and taste.

Easy and convenient booking

Whether you need to book a flight, make a hotel reservation or arrange for any of the other aspects of the travel industry, Sampson Phelps provides simple and competitive solutions. Alongside a team of professional consultants offering personalised expertise and knowledgeable service, we have working with us at Sampson Phelps established online business owners and reputable call centres to assist to your every need. Sampson Phelps Retail & Leisure Travel's mission is to provide one-stop travel offerings to suit all possible individual needs. At Sampson Phelps, we also maintain good relationships with airlines, hotels and travel partners across the globe allowing our multi-lingual staff to source cost-effective services from the best in the industry. So whether you are booking for an international cruise, a holiday package, a Desert Safari, a travel insurance or simply leaving your whole trip to us, you can simply book online, call a 24/7 customer service number or visit your nearest Sampson Phelps Travel outlet.

Our services

At Sampson Phelps, we believe we cover almost all aspects of air and travel services. We offer a wide range of high quality services to suit the needs of our loyal clients and customers an we always welcome suggestions and feedbacks on them.

1. Sampson Phelps offers flights with over 100 international airlines

2. We provide access to hotels, resorts and apartments all over the world

3. Sampson Phelps also has an elaborate team to deal with comprehensive travel insurance

4. At Sampson Phelps, we appreciate individual needs and as a response to the above, we provide as part of our multiple services personalised holiday packages

5. We also maintain good relationships with travel agents in over 120 countries and we are in the capacity of organising trips to theme parks, arrange tours and safaris among other things

6. We offer excellent customer service and a 24/7 customer support team who are there with the sole purpose of listening to your queries and answering them accurately

7. We also help you with your visa applications but that particular service is subject to the country you are visiting. Some countries are fiercely protective but you could always come to us for advice

8. International driving license. As part of our services at Sampson Phelps, we try as far as possible to make every aspect of your holiday smooth and enjoyable. Of course it is not always possible for us to take charge. After all this is an international market and some subjects tend to be very delicate

Did You Know?

At Sampson Phelps, our destinations are carefully selected by a team of experts in the field of tourism based on their extensive experience and knowledge. We do not just send you anywhere in the world, we keep an inside track to ensure you make the right choices and come back from your vacation with memories to last for a lifetime. Attention to details is one of our many specialities and behind the scenes, we tailor your trip to the finest detail possible. At Sampson Phelps, we are committed to integrity and we accept nothing short of 100% customer satisfaction. If you feel you are not yet ready to book, you can simply request for a quote online and we will make the figure as accurate as possible given your input of information.


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