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Leisure Hotels Goes Green

Posted by Sarah Sweetz Akhza at 8:09 AM
Leisure Hotels Goes Green
Youve probably noticed that green is everywhere these days - in the news, in fashion, in small businesses and larger organisations. A few years ago, when environmental issues and climate change became a concern, people began to think about ways in which to protect Mother Earth. People and businesses (especially the hospitality industry) all over South Africa realised that investing in eco-friendly products as well as go green campaigns would help preserve and protect the health of our environment.

Today its easier than ever to find green hotels. There are many establishments who practice green policies and booking eco-friendly accommodation does not mean you have to sacrifice style and comfort. So where would you find the best eco-friendly accommodation?
Introducing the Leisure Hotels Group - Leisure Hotels is a privately owned hotel group that consists of four beautiful hotels located in Cape Town. This group provides accommodation for all types of travellers, including tourists, tour groups, corporate guests and even locals looking for a getaway in the city.

The group strives to be environmentally friendly, employing a Green Policy in all hotels without sacrificing the comfort of their guests. They take the issue of conservation very seriously and their main goal is to treat the environment as kindly as they treat their guests.
Leisure Hotels is constantly looking for ways in which to improve their go green policies, therefore they are monitored on a regular basis. Here are a few examples of how the Leisure Hotels Group try to be kinder to our mother earth:

50% of their internal printing is done on recycled paper.
Emails remind the reader to consider the environment before printing.
Energy saver light bulbs and equipment is used.
The rooms and public spaces in their hotels have been designed with large windows and
skylights tolet ina lot of natural light.
All the hot water pipes at the hotelsare insulated.
All the waste at the hotels is separated at source and then recycled.
At all hotels, towels are laundered on request in order to reduce water & energy
Some lamps are placed on a switch or timer to control their light usage.
Aerated taps are used in all hotels to keep water use to a minimum.

Leisure Hotels has been a first choice for many guests and travellers for a long time. The group has been recognised for making many environmentally friendly changes to their hotels. When you stay at any of the Leisure Hotels you always receive quality service while knowing that you are helping to protect the environment.


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