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Discover What Benefits of Fish Oil Supplements There Are For Better Health For Your Children

Posted by Sarah Sweetz Akhza at 8:56 AM
Discover What Benefits of Fish Oil Supplements There Are For Better Health For Your Children

Why is it that just when there is so much talk about fish stocks becoming depleted we are informed that we should increase the amount of fish in our daily diet?

How can the benefits of fish oil supplements be experienced by each of us if there is a shortage of fish as the primary source?

Thankfully, the warning signs have already been seen even to the extent of a documentary called 'The End Of The Line' having been released recently across America and the UK to raise our awareness.

A paper published in the journal, Science, reports on an international research investigation that concentrated on 10 marine ecosystems. Of these, the best managed were in Iceland, New Zealand and the USA.

This gives us renewed hope that we can still rely on the benefits of fish oil supplements especially for our children. There is more and more evidence that our children do not get a properly-balanced mixed diet.

More especially, they do not eat enough oily fish which is the best source of omega 3.

Why is omega 3 fish oil so important for our children? Recent research into the diets of children aged from four to eight years carried out by the Department of Human Health and Nutritional Sciences at the University of Guelph in Canada shows that only about ten percent of children in this age range receive adequate amounts of omega 3 in the form of the DHA and EPA essential fatty acids.

It has been proven in clinical trials that daily intake of omega 3 fish oil improves the studying performance of children. More importantly, such intakes also contribute to improved behavior which helps all children in a class to have better concentration.

Although the benefits of fish oil supplements are well documented, they should not be looked upon as some kind of "magic bullet". Ideally, children should be given a balanced diet that includes breads, beverages, dairy products and eggs which, these days, are enriched with omega 3 fatty acids.

Since it can be difficult for some children to eat dairy products and fish, dietary supplements are a good solution to make sure your children have the best start in life.


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