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Fitness Concerns For Children

Posted by Sarah Sweetz Akhza at 5:37 PM
Fitness Concerns For Children
These days, health and fitness have become a very important concern for us. However, when it comes to our childrens health, we used to ignore this important aspect. Children fitness is equally important as it is for the elderly people. Developing good and healthy habits in a child is the basic responsibility of family and parents. Eating healthy and nutritious food, personal sanitation, participation in physical activities and games should be taught from the early age. A healthy routine of daily life should be designed for children, which includes early morning exercise for at least 20-30 minutes according to age and capability of children, fun activities that require lots of physical movement etc.

Usually children do not like to join such fitness exercise, so it would be a good option if parents themselves take them to gymnasiums, swimming pool, parks etc. so they can get habitual of physical workouts in the supervision of elders. It will reduce the chances of any harmful effects. Parents should also encourage their kids to participate in Dance classes; Skating, team or pair sports such as, Tennis, Badminton, Soccer and Basketball etc. these games and extra activities are also a part of fitness for both mind and body. It helps children to work in social environment, increase sportsman spirit and make them smart and active.

Making children aware about health and fitness could be a tough task. Therefore, it is advised to make the children fitness activities more fun base and according to the interests of children. If your children are less inclined towards traditional games such as hockey, football etc. than try to turn them towards other sports that they like but make sure that these games should offer lots of scope for physical workout.

Children fitness is an important issue and parents should take it seriously. Because a right and organized health and fitness routines keeps the children away from lots of physical and mental problems, that can effect them in case of poor health. Modern diseases like, Diabetes, Fatness/Obesity, Orthopedic Problems, Hypertension, Hormonal Imbalance, Depression etc. are the results of an unhealthy lifestyle. So indulging children into fitness activities at early age will help them to lead a healthy life in future.

Children fitness should not be seen only the responsibility of parents, the schools should also realize their obligation in this regard. Regular health and fitness sessions at school and healthy life style lessons should be a part of curriculum.

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